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    Question Jimmy Steele Peapod

    I'm contemplating building a new boat over the up coming winter. Someone just recently gave me eight flitches or planks of Atlantic White Cedar, rough sawn, 1 1/8" thick, 12"+ wide x 16'00 long. While up in Stonington, Maine last week at the Small reach Regatta, I saw a Jimmy Steele Peapod. After listening to my brother Bill giving Jimmy Steele's Peapods heaps of praise, I thought I'd possibly consider building a peapod this winter. Instead of carvel construction(and having to deal with swelling), I was considering a strip built hull with a sheathing of epoxy and fiberglass cloth.
    Anyone recently build a peapod? Any recommendations on peapod designs? Joel White, Doug Hylan, Jimmy Steele? Any feedback much appreciated. My skill level . . . . . . four 8'00" Nutshell Prams, 17'00" Pygmy Queen Charlotte kayak, two David Nichols 12'6" Indian Girl Canoes, 14'00" Parker Sharpie, 16'00" Melonseed(2014 Best of Show), 16'00" Adirondack Guide Boat.
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    Default Re: Jimmy Steele Peapod

    I built Doug Hylan's Beach Pea last winter. (Doug studied under Jimmy Steele) Glued lap, Okoume planking, black locust sheer. Plans were easy to follow, rows great, doesn't look too bad, I'm very happy with it.
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