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    I am a MSc student of Shipping Operations at Southampton University. I am undertaking a dissertation on “Atmospheric Pollution from Shipping” and would kindly ask to answer a few questions to enable collection of data for my dissertation. The information obtained from this interview will be used entirely for academic purposes. Names of individuals and organizations will be treated with anonymity. Thank you for your participation.

    Link hereunder:

    I would greatly appreciate if you can also assist me with the below questions:

    1. What is your opinion regarding sustainable development in your port?

    1. What kind of facilities are provided in your port in order to implement sustainable development for your port?

    1. How many shore-side electricity/cold ironing/on-shore power supply has been provided in your port and how long you have been using this facility?

    1. What type of shore-side electricity do you provide in your port, and could you specify it in term of capacity?

    1. Who are your customers (ro-ro vessels, passenger vessels, container vessels) that are using shore-side electricity services?

    1. How is your strategy to promote your port services, particularly shore-side electricity/cold ironing/on-shore power supply services?

    1. What is the main obstacle or problem in term of operational and technical in implementing shore-side electricity, and how you cope with that?

    1. How do you convince your customers to use shore-side electricity?

    1. What is your source of energy in order to supply shore-side electricity?

    1. How much emissions can be reduced after using shore-side electricity?

    1. What methodology did you use in order to calculate your shore-side electricity tariff?

    1. How you calculate externality cost in your port?

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    With respect, I would suggest that you include a question on disposal facilities for sludge generated from on board exhaust gas scrubbers.Scrubbers, either open or closed loop, become mandatory for ships burning fuel oil with a sulphur content above 0.5% on the 1st January 2020.

    (Open loop scrubbers use sea water which the operators hope is alkaline, and allegedly treat it, and the closed loop scrubber uses a metal hydroxide to combine with the sulphur dioxide in the exhaust gas)

    So far as I am aware, no port anywhere has arranged for disposal of the sludge.

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    Default Re: thesis on Pollution

    I'd say this is not the right venue for these questions. Only a few here are involved with the large ship marine world. These questions are all really focused on port infrastructure, and are not something either working mariners or shipping companies can normally have any input in setting up.
    I suggest you begin by making contact with a relatively large sample of ports and facilities around the world and ask the questions there. The results of these question may open the need to pursue more detailed information in certain areas. You may also contact shipping firms and ask detailed questions about how ships are moving to more environmentally conscious operations.

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