I have an older MinnKota Turbo 65 trolling motor with a fried speed switch, and apparently Minn Kota no longer makes replacement switches for this model. So, the first question is whether some reader out there has worked on MinnKota motors and knows which part number switch I can substitute? (my Serial # MKO 1731170, switch number 206-4020) I am hoping to make this motor usable rather than throw it in a landfill. So far, the company is no help by phone, email, or chat. I can do an end-run around the "speed coils" and the thing seems to turn full speed, (and all the speed coils seem to have continuity.) If my creaky memory serves, the company used to manufacture an electronic module for speed control, (Maximizer?) but it was apparently discontinued. I note that the battle-bot robot supply companies sell solid-state controllers that claim to provide forward / reverse motor control at high current with various inputs, (I think I can understand the analog inputs, definitely not the digital ones) Unfortunately many of these suppliers are using dubious English translators. Can anyone help me either with a spec for a switch or a PWM solution? Please help keep this motor out of the garbage dump!

fwiw, I fried the switch while experimenting with different propellers to get closer to hull-speed in a 1920 era Rangeley Lake Boat, 17', The Prop was an 11x7 scimitar shaped model-airplane prop with the motor running in reverse.