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Thread: varnishing a mast

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    Having repaired, sanded and cleaned up the mast to by Gp14, I am down to the last two parts of finishing it. Varnish and glue. The wooden mast, all 22 and a half feet of it, is made up of two distinct parts with a both a channel for internal halyards and a carved in track for the mainsail slugs. I am thinking, as these parts lay down flatly, that I should varnish them separately and then glue them together before sanding down the ensuing seams and adding a final layer of varnish. Doing the varnish while the mast is apart certainly seems easier, but I do not want to make things harder later.

    What says the hive?

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    You can assemble the mast and then varnish, if you are good a cutting in a line and have a steady hand. You can also wax the slot a bit with paraffin before the glue up. Just be careful to not get the wax on the wood to be varnished or glued. This will aid in keeping water out of the wood that is left bare in the slot. Remember that you will be varnishing the mast many times in the future so the effort of keeping the varnish out of the slot halves and glue surfaces prior to the glue up is a study in extra labor!
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