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    I removed a sauna and it's wood was good condition and due to this I clean and kept them in my small workshop for my futre projects, The type of wood is Ayous (Abachi ) İt is preffered for saunas because of heat resistivity. You can sit on it aprox. 90 Degree celcius.

    İt is soft but mid strong wood and easy to work. I think I can use as paserella (gangway ) production if I use it in enough thickness to obtain enoug strength.

    I have Thomas Gilmer's 23 feet Blue Moon replica and I used her , for long trip in Aegean. Last week I sail with her 220 miles İstanbul to Ayvalık. Therefore the weight of every material that I should carry with me is so important.

    wooden Leader , step fuel tank, water tank, flexible water tank for shower, dirinking water storage, gamgway, food aprox.for two weeks, cushions, required equipments and piece of some woods for repairing, oil for warnish, clothes and under water equipments, one oar for step tiller, bunch of ropes, tent for sails and for sun, kitchen equipments and olso for this year I have a dinghy Devlin's pollywog.



    For pasarella (gangway) sauna wood seems to me suitable and I product the new one because the old one was light but so narrow to walk on it. I devoleped my design to obtain longer and lighter pasarella. Here it is.



    I open the holes for loose weight and aprox %15 light pasarella with this method without loosing any strength.

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    I like that a lot. Very nice. In addition to adding lightness, I suspect the holes are great nonskid.

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