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    Hi, I am new to the WoodenBoat forum . I was wondering if anyone in the group knows the where-abouts of the sailboat Plumbelly ? Thank you

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    Haven't seen her since the early '90s (?), in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Fantastic boat. I hope someone will chime in with her whereabouts and condition.


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    how up to date is your info regarding her whereabouts ?

    sounds like she was in nova scotia as recently as two years ago,
    after being sold on from maine
    there's some mention in this thread:

    IMG_0719 by prdilalla, on Flickr

    patrick dilalla still has some photos of her on his flickr page from when he owned her..
    i was able to contact him through that site some years ago,
    he was friendly and happy to discuss the boat.
    maybe he can help track her down

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