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Thread: Chainplate Woes: Opinions Welcome

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    When a column "en castrae is loaded" from the top, as is a mast with a headstay, jib stay and backstay or a shroud attached near the masthead, the mast will take an S bend with the upper node moving aft and then the lower portion will bow forward. This is why Herreshoff placed the jib stay at the center of the upper node and the running backs slightly below it. It is the leverage between the two that keep the mast in column. Lower shroud points are also attached at the point of the lower compression load in order to counteract the S bend athwartships as well as forward. Note that in most Herreshoff designs that the upper shrouds do not reach all the way to the masthead. With the advent of stiff aluminum spars much of this phenominum has been ignored. But it still holds true for wooden masts. Laying on deck underway and sighting up the mast is the best way to see if the stays and shrouds are in the right place on the mast and doing their job correctly.
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