Years ago WB profiled a boatbuilding family on Scotland's west coast. In the story, a large sailboat being built had burnt to the ground and they had broadcast an invitation for volunteers to come help rebuild her in exchange for room and board. The response exceeded their expectations and the new vessel got built and launched. As I recollect, the experience was so positive for this boatbuilding family that they said they would do it again -- minus the boatburning part. In addition to boatbuilding, I believe they also ran a cruising/dive business from a classic schooner. I'll be traveling to Scotland and I had always thought I'd love to visit this boatyard if (1) they're still in business and (2) visitors are allowed. Does this story ring any bells for the WB Forum? I've been unable to find this article in the WB index and I'm hoping keener memories than mine will steer me right.