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Thread: Coast Guard Vessel Documentation scam

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    Default Coast Guard Vessel Documentation scam

    Not sure if this has been posted here, but beware of an outfit that looks like the official U.S. Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center. Their web address looks like it's the USCG, but it's a private outfit that charges exorbitant fees (3-5 times the normal fee) for renewing or reinstating US vessel documentation.

    This is their address and it's the first thing that comes up on a search:
    You have to look carefully to see that it's not the official Coast Guard site.

    The real center is the "National Vessel Documentation Center" and the address begins with

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    Default Re: Coast Guard Vessel Documentation scam

    They almost got me 2 years ago. My honey was writing the check and had to look up something , I forget what, and caught that something was a bit "off".

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    Default Re: Coast Guard Vessel Documentation scam

    Ha, they really do have a grab on that search. And they have a couple similar sites.
    Vessel Documentation online
    Maritime Documentation Center

    I didn't want to post their links as it would boost there search ranking further.

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    Default Re: Coast Guard Vessel Documentation scam

    Yep. I had to pick through several such outfits before I got to the real one. I was about to renew the old way - via snail mail. It's still $26 USD for a recreational vessel.

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