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Thread: Looking for IO plans

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    Default Looking for IO plans

    So i have this quite wonderful project of an aluminum boat that im looking forward to starting. It has an inboard outboard mercruiser 165hp engine that appears to be quite sound though i havent cranked it yet. The problem i have is the boat came with no title and the transom is corroded and wood has rotted. Really, its a hull and thats it. Soooo i wonder....

    If the engine and outdrive turn out fine, id like ideas on a good open water fishing boat design. I have myself, wife and son to carry out though i like more room than less of course, and 23 ft sounds appealing. I dont plan on going out in rough chop, but you never know what you may need to come home in. I want to do serrious fishing, grouper, shark, tuna, and any sail fish as well as mahi. Id like to be able to have a cabin to get the wife and son out the weather if its too hot, or bad conditions.

    Also, i dont like going out far on one engine. Id like to have a kicker off the transom as well. Preferably somehow centered. I have a 25hp but that may be too big. Or would i be better off doing dual 165 mercs for security? I should add, it needs to be trailerable.

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    Have a look at our website Sleek.

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