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    Default Texas Goose

    This video from Ian Henehan popped into my inbox this morning

    A Texas Goose with GIS rig and outriggers I think.

    plenty more to watch on his channel including the build

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    Default Re: Texas Goose

    The hull was finished a couple years ago and borrowed the rig and bits from the Blue Canoe. This year, I finally got time to finish up the GIS spars and hiking seats (not outriggers). This was the first sail with the new gear. Not much of a test with the light wind, but I was able to smooth out a few rigging details.

    I'm using the bigger GIS mast as well to handle the increase in righting moment. The goal is two crew hanging out on the seats going for broke when it's blowing. Trying to see what ridiculous extremes we can take a Goose and still not bust the bank.


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