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Thread: Small scale welding

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    While not a welder, I can do basics with stick & also a MIG. However, I tend to use oxy/acetylene pretty often. Torches can weld fairly thin steel (less than 1/4" thick), but can also braze - which works well on thin steel & bronze. Additionally, with a cutting tip, they can cut steel & the cutting tip is also great for heating rusted nuts, etc. so they can be removed.

    Obviously, care must be taken to not start fires, burn rubber, etc. - but for working on things in the salted road environment, a heating torch is a required item in any auto repair shop around here.
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    I think you want an Oxy-acetylene set-up, an old AC buzz-box stick welder, and about a 200 amp mig machine. You can do just about anything (except aluminum) with that, and a hand-held grinder.
    The cutting of steel is a necessity, and much welding will require a local preheat, hence the torch.
    Note that "large" welders will weld small stuff no problem, but small welders will not weld big stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Williamson View Post
    That reminds me.
    Almost burned up my buddy's house and my dirtbike,welding the kickstand back on.
    Tank and carb vents poured fuel onto the gravel while the bike was lying on it's side.
    Welding sparks lit it up.

    Good times.
    ….Hmm so that's why Rocketman Huh?

    I have been the best pigeon-poo splatter- weld metal- gluer for years with a basic arc welder and tried recently with a cheap - end mig, but don't get on with it, yet any way Only ever bodgeing stuff up , garden tool repairs or making jigs up out of bits of scrap.
    My tuppence worth of tips,.... Youtube vids, a day spent with a pal who knows what they're doing and the big breakthrough in better results for me is the instant- darkening welding mask...when they first came out years ago they were so expensive, but they are availaable now at accessible prices. both hands free being a big pro too. at least I get to splat and blob in the general área I want instead of all over the place. And Practice.
    'C'est la vie' say the old folks it goes to show you never can tell

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    It was interesting and not the last time I've done something really dumb.

    MIG likes fresh clean steel.
    Stick electrodes like 6010/6011 will weld through mill scale,rust and paint.
    Sleep with one eye open.

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