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    Walking into the house on Wednesday afternoon, my wife sniffs the air, gives me a sly look and says, "I smell sawdust and varnish. Did you come straight home from visiting your mother or did you stop at a boatshop?"
    Busted! She got me. Driving through the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York, I passed by Rueben Smith's Tumblehome Boatshop and just had to stop in to look around. Rueben was kind enough to give me a tour and we talked boats for a while, both his and mine. He's done a lot of electric conversions, so it was nice to talk about my own fantail electric launch. He's converted a couple of much larger, but similiar launches.
    Not having a camera or phone with me, I have no pictures to share. However, just close your eyes and imagine beautiful boats of all sorts, power, sail, oar and paddle spread out across the floor, all in various states of restoration or construction.
    These guys are true masters of the art of boatbuilding. The craftmenship is stunning. The woodwork, varnish and paint are flawless. The kind of work where you can put your nose two inches from the boat and find no flaws.
    Most of their work is on classic power, but they are into rebuilding Sound Inter Club sailboats. These are 29' keel boats designed in the early 1920's. They have fully restored two of them (featured in WoodenBoat a while back) and are finishing up a third right now. I think the most beautiful boat in the shop was a totally restored 1916 Fay and Bowen torpedo sterned launch.
    They have two large buildings. One where most of the work is done and the other for storage and maintainence. Most of their work is traditional, but they are not adverse to employing epoxy as an adhesive to laminate planking layers on their new construction.
    It was a truly enjoyable time to wonder around and talk to the various workers. No better way to spend an hour or two.
    I've no doubt their clients have very deep pockets, but poor trash like me can still enjoy looking!
    Google them for their website if you want to see what this boatshop looks like.
    I was born on a wooden boat that I built myself.

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    Rich, I just looked at their online gallery - Wow, you are absolutely right !! They do some fabulous work. Thanks for the tip to look at their site.


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    They host several Shop Talk events, open to visitors. Looks like a nice place.

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    A woman who can instantly identify the smell of sawdust and varnish sounds like a worthy one. You should offer to take her with you next time.

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