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Thread: North Korea cancels

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    Interesting headline/thread title ... I was unaware it was cancelled.
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    It may simply be an expected and temporary hickup. At lunch yesterday in Seoul with Korean business men, the conversation about Kim came up. Everyone thinks there is real opportunity in the North - from infrastructure, to minerals to consumer products and was speculating on which companies and countries would benefit. One fellow said that he had heard, and this may be total BS, that North Korean Military officers were in meetings with US Military counterparts discussing details of disarmament details, when the US showed them live images of events happening in Pyongyang taken from stealth aircraft that penetrated NK airspace and were over the city at that moment. The NK officers thought it was fabricated, but contacted their colleagues in NK who confirmed that the events were indeed accurate. If true, it certainly demonstrates technological capability in radar and meta-material capabilities of the US War machine. Im not sure if the fellow meant this is what irritated Kim to speak out or what brought Kim to the negotiation table. Lots of speculation everywhere, but I think the economic opportunities for many people in the region from China and South Korea to North Korea are the real motivation and likely won't be deterred by other things. Kim may have been simply responding to Bolton who was off message from all negotiation details and the mutually agreed public script to date, in the cause of old world strong-arm idealism tactics. Asia in general is changing fast and I believe now represents the new "land of opportunity and economic growth" a country mile. People have been saying this for years, but experiencing the rapid changes over the 2 years I've been here, the growing collegiality of nations and businesspeople and adoption to new clean technologies (boy does china need it), it seems to me that nothing will stop the NK process, with or without the US gov.

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