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Thread: Chapelle's 18' Oystering Skiff from American Small Sailing Craft: a few questions

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    Default Chapelle's 18' Oystering Skiff from American Small Sailing Craft: a few questions

    Hello All,

    I have been looking at threads about sharpie plans and noticed that some of you have built Chapelle's 18' Oystering Skiff from American Small Sailing Craft and seemed to like it a lot. I did not want to jump on one of those threads because they are quite old. Anyways I am seriously considering building this boat traditionally planked to replace my old home-designed plywood flatiron skiff that has delaminated due to using poor plywood and probably some other building mistakes.

    Boat will be kept on a trailer and I plan to carry 1-4 people, and would like to carry non-sailors without major stress. I will sail mostly in lakes in Oklahoma and maybe Sounds in NC if I ever manage to trailer the boat there, so expect some strong winds in both places.

    Specific questions:

    1: as built and rigged originally, is this boat pretty stable for carrying non-sailor passengers? I am assuming that because of the great weight of solid timber construction, she won't be heeling too quickly or wildly.

    2: does this boat point pretty well? like I don't expect it to point like a laser, but does it get close to 45 degrees to the wind?

    3: I know dry-sailing is not ideal for a solid planked boat, but I have come to truly hate building in ply and epoxy as my skin and eyes seem to be sensitized to epoxy dust no matter how much protection I use. Do you think it is reasonable to dry sail this boat or will it cause a ton of extra maintenance work? I am willing to double plank the bottom or take other traditional precautions; I am not willing to use ply-epoxy-fiberglass on the bottom.

    4: how comfortable are people with the sprit-boom leg o' mutton? Considering doing a lug or lug yawl so I can sit in and sheet from center of boat with a tiller extension---this helped me control boat trim considerably in sailing my old flatiron, especially when sailing alone. Would prefer not to sheet from the stern, I just find that uncomfortable.

    5: my plan is to plank sides and bottom with western red cedar because that's what they have out here and it's cedar. framing, rudder, centerboard will be white oak.

    Thanks for any info!

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    Default Re: Chapelle's 18' Oystering Skiff from American Small Sailing Craft: a few question

    In any small boat the nature of how it behaves is more reliant on the skipper than anything else.

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