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Thread: Benchtop sanders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Seibert View Post
    I have a Harbor Freight 12" vertical disc sander. It was cheap and in some ways is built cheap - some of the knobs have broken, but it is going strong after 7 years and I use it every day I work on my boat.
    I know the Ridgid has captured most of the interest because it works on inside curves - I need to get one too for the next project. I will add my 2 cents to Mike’s comment on the big HF disc unit, because it’s solid, powerful and pretty bombproof. If your shop has bench space it can be worth having.

    The 12” disc excels on outside curves, and for taking off material FAST. And the simplicity of a single purpose design contributes to stoutness and durability. Ok, The aluminum bed is the weak link but the motor is powerful and the unit is heavy (40-50 lbs) so vibration minimal. I would love to have a higher quality unit, but I just set mine up with a square at 90 degees and leave it. Dust collection via 2” port is excellent with a shopvac. It cost under $100 and has far outlived its that price. An 80 grit disc is general purpose and alternates with 120 depending on wood species.


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    I bought a proxxon sander some years ago and I use it just about every day. It's very quiet with lots of torque and variable RPM.
    With the vacuum hooked up it is very clean. This is not anything like a Harbor freight sander. I have one of those for removing material fast, but I use the Proxxon sander about 100 times more often.

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    I did some reading of reviews on the Ridgid machine and changed my mind about buying. Lots of 1 star reviews about obsolete parts,motor failures and alignment issues, too many for me.
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