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Thread: Better education please

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    Quote Originally Posted by David G View Post
    Don't bother. Bubbles is the very personification of 'motivated reasoning'. Facts only matter if they can be spun to bolster a narrative. Truth... not at all.
    Come on , what are the plans from the democrats in portland to help black people.?.

    The hard truth is they were chased to the outskirts of town so white liberals can live with their own kind. In fact one can read everyday about a lib ....homesteading..... a old black neighborhood and bringing coffee shops, dreamcatcher stores, pot shops, smooth jazz nightclubs. .

    No wonder libs in portland chase racism everywhere else..

    In fact you have never brought up any plan in yer own sidy.

    All i read is how bad kansas isLOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Wilson View Post
    That may be true, but the difference of degree is very large. It is only a very slight exaggeration to say that the Republicans are currently the White Man's Party. This is not a viable long-term strategy, but they aren't thinking long-term.
    Both parties are the White Man's party. As illustrated by the racial discrimination that each party has been responsible for the last 50 years - at least according to the Supreme Court. I wish this was poor long term thinking, but I think it will last much longer than your think.

    The differences I see between the parties (including their party members) is that the Republicans are more visible in their actions. The Democrats tend to hide in the darkness - such as participating in the racial discrimination of the court case.

    A biography of LBJ came out this year or late last year. One of LBJ's comments was about the tension between giving black people more rights and the possibility of a revolt from Democratic members of congress and white people. He understood the racism of the Democratic party.
    Life is complex.

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