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Thread: My first boat build(almost)

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    Default My first boat build(almost)

    Early 60s, summer, Michigan. Me and Skeeter Davis decided to build a boat. We were 11 or so. We had no real plan, but were going to make a framed canoe, or maybe a kayak, I don't remember for sure. We dragged home a lot of lumber scraps from the discard yard at the local lumberyard and were putting them together in his backyard, perched on a couple sawhorses. We had the frame about halfway assembled and it was getting frustrating. Suddenly, Skeeter let out an agonized scream, tossed it to the ground and thoroughly stomped it into kindling. End of project. We rode our bikes down to the lake and went swimming. I wonder what happened to Skeeter, and hope he dealt with his anger issues.

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    I came back from sea one summer age 16 or 17 and my mates where all excited they had salvaged an old plywood cruiser bit like a Lysander. I helped out fixing it up all that leave using whatever paint and materials we could scrounge - all for houses. It was looking rather splendid when I was called back to sea. Six months latter I asked how the boat was getting on, they looked at each other sheepishly and said ‘Ah it ended up on the bonfire’. I never go a proper explanation as to why

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