I would note in addition that the job requires a good deal of public presenting . .

The Golden Rule needs a Captain!

The captain who was going to sail with us from California to Hawaii has had to withdrawal for health reasons.
We need someone who:

  • is experienced as a captain with a crew
  • has ocean sailing experience
  • supports both the VFP and Golden Rule missions (short version - Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World and a Peaceful, Sustainable Future).
  • can to come to California for passage to Hawaii during June or July

If you or someone you know is qualified and available, please have them contact: Helen Jaccard 206-992-6364 or vfpgoldenruleproject@gmail.com or fill out a crew application form.
If you'd like to watch a documentary about the Golden Rule, there are links at vfpgoldenrule.org
We are also looking for at least one other boat to go with us - a peace flotilla to Hawaii would be awesome and safer! The other boats don't need to be sail boats and would be responsible for their own crew, outfitting and provisioning.