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Thread: Proven In Court - Trump is a fraudster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hwyl View Post
    I have mentioned on here before. My 16-year-old son got a flyer from Trump University, he saw it as a get rich quick scheme. I went with him to the seminar, hoping that he would figure out it was a scam.
    It was really interesting. The flyer implied that Trump himself would be there, of course he wasn’t. We all got a copy of the book the art of the deal. The scheme Lowe’s by real estate get the seller to hold the second mortgage as a deposit. Rent the house out, make millions. I was very pleased my son so I just complete scam, but I was completely surprised when he asked who it further interest about 3/4 the room but the hands of soda scary that people could be so informed. I’m glad he got called out.
    Did you start speaking Swahili in that paragraph??

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    Default Re: Proven In Court - Trump is a fraudster

    Spiel czechers run amok.
    "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations,
    for nature cannot be fooled."

    Richard Feynman

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    What is troubling about this entirely apart from the Trumpian aspect is that so many questionable schools are prepared to take people's money and give back so little. For but one example, what is the actual value of an online diploma? How does somebody come to the conclusion that they can simulate the university experience through a computer? How dosome of these schools gain accreditation?

    Trumpo again proves he has no scruples and is amoral but the problem doesn't really end with him. And why do people persist in thinking they can get rich quickly? Clearly our educational system is in great need and distress., and Trump U's students prove that as well as they prove Trump's moral bankruptcy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccmanuals
    Come on Rum. Even you know the difference between knowledge and trading.
    That was my initial assumption which explains my post #8. I thought he was being facetious.

    Now I wonder if he does know the difference.
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    Trump is doing beautifully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John of Phoenix View Post
    Is that willful ignorance or just plain old stupidity?
    some overlap

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