I own a 30' LOD, 18,000lb Lyle Hess cutter, sistership to Taleisin. I finally installed a windlass on a stand that allows the bowsprit to run underneath and independent of it, saving on slip cost. This has taken some time since we bought her almost 3 years ago (long story in itself). As a result and being new to cruising, we haven't had a chance to practice anchoring. We're eager to but anxious about our gear.

I replaced the 45lb CQR that came with the boat, with a 35lb Delta because I was informed the Delta will perform better in most bottoms. She has 300' of 3/8" triple B chain and an equal amount of line.

My question to the Forum: would more chain compensate for having a lighter hook, not ridiculously light of course? Say, as in my case 10lbs lighter. Design of the anchor I realize is of course another factor. It would make an interesting study which I'm sure has been done somewhere. Comments about anchor to chain relationship and Delta anchors appreciated. I'm probably opening up an age old can O' worms.