I posted about this on Facebook but didnít get much response.

CBC radio has expressed an interest to me, after I suggested it, in doing a series on wooden boat builders in BC.

In the past when I have talked to other amateur builders like myself, it seems to me that I have always heard the story of a dream fulfilled or at least of personal growth and fulfillment. I h ave always thought those are stories worth telling.

I told CBC I would try to get together a list of people who have built their own boats. There is nothing in this for me, monetarily or otherwise, except an interest in seeing those stories get told.

If you are interested in being on that list and potentially being contacted by CBC for an interview, PM me with your name, location, preferred contact info for CBC to use and a list of boat(s) that you have built.

I will not use the list for any other purpose except to pass along to CBC.