Due to the strange twists of law and racing, my 1964 GP-14 Dinghy has never been titled or registered. She started off as part of the Race fleet down here in Stone Harbor NJ. NJ law states that boats used in One design Racing do not need to be titled or registered. After she was retired from racing, she moved to Bensalem Pa where she was used on the local lakes. Again, PA law says that any boat without an engine used only on non-tidal fresh water bodies does not need to be titled or registered.

Stored in 1985, I want to use her here in NJ for pleasure sailing, due to this I need to title and register. The NJDMV is losing their minds how a boat built in 1964 was never issued a HIN, was never titled, and never ever registered. Tomorrow I get to take her to the NJ State Marine Police so they can investigate if my poor little wooden boat was ever stolen. Once they finish, they will issue a HIN, and then I can title and register.

I have been told that the local DMV office is "Special" when it comes to boats. It only took me 4 trips to get the trailer registered even though I had all the properly signed and notarized paperwork. It's pretty bad when a worker there suggests I go to the DMV in a different county.