For my birthday, my wife bought me a 12 month pass to the Dockyard and all it contains as I wanted to see the Mary Rose. I well remember it's raising live on TV in 1982. Today we went the the Mary Rose Museum. They have really done a first class job of not only displaying the recovered hull but interpreting the various finds contained within it.

A few words about visiting. The ship hall has very low light levels and is humidity (low) controlled. Some may find it claustrophobic.

The deal my wife got was from the Daily Mail, a 12 month pass for 2 adults 50. The current price today for a similar pass was 35 each which is not bad when you consider that the individual admission was 18 for each 'attraction' ie Mary Rose, Victory, Warrior, M33, Submarine Museum, etc see the website for full details.

If going by car, use the Park & Ride off the M275. All day parking and unlimited travel for a group of up to 5 adults on the P&R bus for 4. The bus terminates at the Hard Interchange, 2 minutes walk to the Dockyard. If you feel rich, use one of the city centre car parks: we went to Gunwharf Quays about 8 years ago and up to 6 hours parking was 7 then!