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Thread: Does anyone house swap?

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    Default Does anyone house swap?

    I've been working on the mechanics of travel in retirement. Ideally, I'd like to stay a week to a month in a variety of places in the world.

    I can probably rent my place. It's medium nice in a 1950s ranch style way. Kept fairly updated. And it's in a medium nice part of old Austin. Short term rentals are not allowed by USAA. And would probably make me too nervous with people coming here to party.

    For right now, I was looking at 6 month rentals or house swapping. The benefit of house swapping is that i don't have to get it rent ready immediately. I'm assuming it is a more "As is" deal.

    Has anyone done this? Any tips or advice appreciated.



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    Default Re: Does anyone house swap?

    Anecdotal, but nice. A coworker swapped his Seattle house with a family near Paris. 2 weeks later they swapped back. This was 15 years ago, both families are now intertwined. Various kids and now grandkids have crossed the ocean to live with their "other family".
    Good luck.
    Have a Holly Jolly Christmas🎅

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