I'd like to let the WoodenBoat community know that the North Shore (of Massachusetts) Traditional Small Craft Association is hosting Steve and Alix of "Acorn to Arabella" tomorrow evening. Our meetings are free and open to the public - please join us to hear more about Steve and Alix's amazing project. If you'd like more information on this or future meetings, please contact me at northshoretsca "at" outlook "dot" com. Here are some further details from our latest meeting notice:

WHAT: North Shore Traditional Small Craft Association Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, March 14, 7:30pm
WHERE: Maritime Gloucester Center, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA

On Wednesday, March 14th, the TSCA welcomes Steve and Alix of the Acorn to Arabella project. Steve and Alix have committed to a massive undertaking: build a 37-foot, 25,000 pound Atkin Ingrid double-ended ketch from scratch and then sail her around the world. So far they have felled trees that will be milled into planking, poured a 10,000 pound lead keel, started making the molds, and acquired a decrepit old hull of similar style that was chock full of beautiful bronze castings to re-use in the new Arabella hull.

This is a throwback kind of project. It reminds me a bit of the many great circumnavigations made during the first wave of "pleasure voyagers" in the early 20th century. Folks who may have been inspired by Slocum; Intrepid and determined people who used whatever means they had available to chase adventure, and if they couldn't afford to buy something, they made it themselves or made do without. Like Harry Pidgeon, who built a boat on the beach and then sailed it around the world - twice. He said: "My voyage was not undertaken for the joy of sailing alone. It was my way of seeing some interesting parts of the world."

I love reading the many books of adventures that were written during that era, and I'm especially pleased that voyages like them continue to be undertaken, seeking the same adventures in a new era. And, in this case, the project is in our own back yard! I'm honored to have Steve and Alix join us; hopefully this will be the first of several updates on their project.

See you on Wednesday!