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Thread: 33' Alden Aux. Cutter; Astarte` re-build

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    Default 33' Alden Aux. Cutter; Astarte` re-build

    Back in 2009 I bought a $1 boat in the hopes to re-build, float and learn to sail on. Paladin was encouraging and helpful until his passing.
    The yard owner was also helpful by giving me a substantial discount on yard fees to help with rebuild costs. This little dingy was in the skiff as my English friend Philip keeps calling the dumpster...It was my first work with a bit of epoxy, epoxy paint and sanding fiber glass. Turned out nice, a bit small for my 6'-4" frame...but I could get used to it.
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    I'm just getting used to this windows 10 and photo arrangement stuff so thanks for bearing with me if I am confusing.
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    Default Re: 33' Alden Aux. Cutter; Astarte` re-build

    I think your English friend is saying the "Skip," for dumpster. I know I'd love to see pictures of your project.

    Generally, to post pictures on this forum, you must upload them to a photo hosting site first. I use Flickr.
    Then, in the toolbar of the forum window, you click on the little picture of the tree. (Next to the film strip.) Then click "from URL," toggle over to your Flickr window, click the curved arrow button for "Share." A dialog box will pop up with a bunch of letters highlighted for you to copy and paste into the URL box back on the WB Forum page, but make sure it's the "BB Code" letters not just an address.

    Once you paste that into the window, uncheck the box that says "retrieve files remotely" or something like that. That should do it.

    Good luck!

    "near it, a small whale-boat, painted red and blue, the delight of the king's old age."

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