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Thread: Making my own Sailing Dinghy Plans: questions

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    Default Re: Making my own Sailing Dinghy Plans: questions

    I'd suggest something like this
    One can modify it by IE installing a centerbord trunk to make it a sailing boat. (It's been done)
    It's a clinker, but since the sides are straight there is no landings to worry about, with the transom there is only the rabbet in the stem to deal with.

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    Default Re: Making my own Sailing Dinghy Plans: questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Thorne View Post
    I think we've had a few successful builders. Some post after the fact -- avoids people like me raining on their parade -- and many seem to have designed and built some quite nice boats. But in general it can be difficult steering builders towards designs that meet their requirements, when the requirements need some serious rethinking. I completely respect building on a budget, and have friends that have had both successes and failures -- see my photos above. ;-)

    Photo of a "boat" constructed from the remains of the Floating Coffin by friends who know better, but just can't help themselves, or so it seems. Nobody drowned, so yay!
    Oh my...

    here's a boat I designed and built, but I'd worked at a dory shop for 6+- years at this point.

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