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Thread: Generator electric start.

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    Default Generator electric start.

    Looks like this old generator (little use but old) has an electric start on it.

    I have doubts that it is viable but would like to give it a shot. My puller is tired.

    Is there any reason not to power it off my jeep battery with jumper cables instead of buying a little utility battery? I can't think of a reason that is not a good idea.



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    Default Re: Generator electric start.

    Worth a try.
    If you find out that the starter is done after you've bought a battery,you're headed down the $$$$ rabbit hole.
    If boosting it doesn't work,it's no loss.
    Sleep with one eye open.

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    Default Re: Generator electric start.

    Good idea, particularly if you don't use it a lot. Dedicated battery will lose power and die. I just wonder if the charging circuit needs something to put juice into when running? I believe it's bad to run an alternator without a battery. I have a hydraulic log splitter with electric start, I've left the dead battery in it and use one of those jumper packs to start it.
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