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Thread: router gloat

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    Default router gloat

    My old B+D model 2720 is a heavy awkward brute so It's been replaced with this. Half the weight, easy to maneuver, 1/4 chuck and variable speed.Lots of different bases available.

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    Nice. I bought a couple of trim routers recently, and ended up with Makitas. But only because they got good reviews, the brand is solid, and they were on sale for stupid cheap.

    The Bosch is, to my mind, the best on the market.
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    made a similar choice myself when a little Bosch unit like yours turned up at the local flea mkt

    & as i peruse the flea mkts, garage sales & tool section of CraigsList i keep a watchfull eye out for the "EL CHEAPO" stamped steel B&D router/jigsaw tables($5-$10)

    underwhich a heavy Wally World B&D or Crapsman unit takes up permanent residence w/ a bearing guided carbide 1/4 roundover cutter

    when needed for cleaning up part edges it easily comes out of it's hidey hole and gets clamped to a make shift table for duty

    routers make short order of turning saw cut/drilled parts

    into finished finished elements of many projects

    this frees up the lighter weight HAND HELD unit for more specific tasks

    cathouse willy you earned the right to gloat ;-)

    "we are the people, our parents warned us about" (jb)


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    Default Re: router gloat

    I use and abuse three of those Colts on a daily basis, all going strong after ten years. They’re a big bang in a small package.

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