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Thread: Small Lobster Boat (Jericho Bay Skiff) Possible Modification

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    Default Re: Small Lobster Boat (Jericho Bay Skiff) Possible Modification

    Thanks Dennis.
    I like the Dyer 29 look. I've seen Pelicano before and that would be closer to the scale necessary since I'm down at 16'. I will have to find those "smile" hatches...
    Thanks for taking the time.

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    Default Re: Small Lobster Boat (Jericho Bay Skiff) Possible Modification

    Quote Originally Posted by JimD View Post
    Just going to say it one more time and then I'll move on, I promise. I think if you had one of those powerboats that was eight feet wide at the transom and a low profile bow it would make more sense to block off the front half with a permanent structure of some sort. But your boat is barely over 5 feet wide and I'm guessing closer to 4' at the transom. Maybe make a quick and cheap temporary facsimile or three and try them?
    I'm with Jim, one more time and I too will move on. I will say this the kindest way I know how. You are looking at boats 20 feet or more long and imagining you can adapt their superstructure to your tiny boat and that it will somehow miraculously be useful and attractive (because no one intentionally builds an ugly boat). The Jericho Bay skiff is not a "lobster boat." It is a small open boat with a proportionally narrow beam. It is beautiful. If you want the utility of a bigger boat, build a bigger boat, but i am convinced that no words will deter you and that you will continue asking and hoping there is magic out there that will work. Good luck.

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