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Thread: The night Wisconsin almost bombed Minnesota

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    Default The night Wisconsin almost bombed Minnesota

    And other 12 other times we almost nuked ourselves!

    A midnight intruder at the Duluth Sector Direction Center almost led to a nuclear strike, according to the Nuclear Files website.

    A guard at the compound shot at the intruder, who was in the act of climbing the fence. This shot activated the "sabotage alarm," which triggered warnings at all military bases in the area including the base at Volk Field, Wisconsin.

    The Volk alarm had been wired incorrectly, and instead of a simple warning the system ordered nuclear armed F-106A interceptors to go to the alarm's point of origin Duluth. Due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the country was at DEFCON 3, a time when there were no practice drills. The pilots expected to be dropping their nuclear payload that night.

    Immediate communication came from Duluth, informing Volk that something had been miscommunicated and a nuclear strike was not needed. The planes, which were already headed down the runway towards Minnesota, were called off by a car that raced from the Volk command center as soon as the communication from Duluth was received, stopping the planes' takeoff.

    The intruder was later revealed to be a black bear.
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    Default Re: The night Wisconsin almost bombed Minnesota

    The bear knew what he was doing
    We don't know how lucky we are....

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    Default Re: The night Wisconsin almost bombed Minnesota

    Quote Originally Posted by seanz View Post
    The bear knew what he was doing
    You bet he did!


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