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Thread: New Presidential Portrait

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    Quote Originally Posted by David G View Post
    Nope. I agree with you totally, there. He has every right to his opinion. And he has every right to voice it, if his judgement is that poor. And I have every right critique his opinion, ridicule his 'reasoning', lampoon his approach, castigate his choosing to inflict his doofiness on us, and suggest he put a cork in it.

    But none of that is on-point. I said his choosing to voice his 'opinion' was an example of the Democratic Fallacy. You said that logical failing has nothing to do with 'art opinion'. I still contend it does.
    I guess we can agree to disagree on that - noting that I did say I might give one opinion more weight than another I ran into a lot of trouble in art history - not that I've ever had an opinion of my own of course.
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    I don't think the two styles compliment each other. Both portraits done in either style might have been better...not that the art has to match the couch, but they just seem to repel each other.

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