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    Some time ago I was looking for Moth plans and I couldn't come up with anything. As the internet universe expands, information availability changes, so maybe at the time there was nothing up--here is a link someone sent me on FB today.
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    I literally could not give one away(built in 1948) that was given to me. A number of people on Classic MB have built them.
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    Rod Mincher, whose blog is Earwegoagin, use to post on here as "pamincher". I haven't noticed him posting in a while.

    Many years ago when I first looked at his blog I noticed that we both sailed on the same 700 acre lake near Oxford, Ohio back in the 1960's although I didn't know him. I live nearby still sail there today (MC scow, Y-flyer, Buccaneer 18 and starting this spring a Farr 740 Sport). Small world.

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