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Thread: Daytona Florida area marine salvage

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    Default Daytona Florida area marine salvage

    The family and I will be heading to New Smyrna Beach in Florida this winter for a little R&R. NSB is just south of Daytona and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a marine salvage yard in the NSB/Daytona area. We're always on the lookout of for items we can use for our build and I don't want to miss an opportunity if I'm in the area.

    I of course will do my own research to locate such a place but if anyone is aware of something off the beaten digital research path I would be interested to hear.
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    Default Re: Daytona Florida area marine salvage

    Haven't been in Daytona for many years but there used to be lots of marine related stuff here..

    And not too far away is Sailorman...

    And this...

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    Default Re: Daytona Florida area marine salvage

    You don't say when exactly you'll be in FLA or how far you are willing to travel but early March is the Dania Marine Flea Market:

    and in Jacksonville there is (or was, perhaps wiped out by one of the hurricanes?) Pier 17 Marine, a marine store that has a good deal of NOS stuff and low turnover of inventory. I was somewhat amazed to find unusual bronze items from the sixties in odd corners with original prices on them... but that was more than ten years ago. Call (904) 387-4669 to see if they are still open if interested.

    If I were to go to FLA, I'd search 'boat parts' on Florida Craigslist several times in the weeks leading up to wherever you'll be and make a contact list.
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    Default Re: Daytona Florida area marine salvage

    Check Craigslist down the coast for annual flea markets. They start happening in early Feb.

    Marine Connection Liquidators in Ft Pierce has NOS stock and other stuff. Not so much a salvage yard like it used to be but worth a visit if you are passing by. I used to buy marine canvas (sunbrella, etc) for pennies on the dollar there.

    As mentioned already, the annual Dania flea market is the best in the state and has everything from old wood boat parts to new parts, boats, fishing gear, dive gear, etc. All the boat contractors and salvage guys bring whatever they collected all yr to sell. About the only thing you won't find is what won't fit in a box truck. I don't remember seeing any large sailboat masts last yr but fitting out hardware is abundant. It takes most of a day to walk the place.

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