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    Thank you for the birthday wishes,

    Forsooth!!! two threads to let me know how you felt.

    One of the lads put up the comment: "Tell us what you are up to"

    O.K. i actually did something unusual, something I should have done a long time ago.

    I am an indigenous man and we have our own ways of doing things and this one of the most basic spiritual actions my mob can do.

    Indigenous Australians are, amongst other beliefs, Sun Worshippers. We call him "The bringer of light and giver of life" for without him there is nothing.

    My Uncle Charlie taught me this.

    Uncle Charlie taught me when I was a boori. He called it "Praying at the altar of the dawn"

    Up at 4am and away to Black Head at Gerroa. Whilst waiting for the dawn I sat and cleared my head of all of the rubbish and crap that accumulates in the modern world. I should have undergone a smoking ceremony first but, I did not have a lore man to do this, so I faced the father without the formal spiritual cleansing. I did apply ochre to signify connection to Mother Earth.

    Just before dawn I stood and faced into the east. As the sun rose and the his warmth and light hit my face, I felt his healing begin.

    I remembered my train wreck of a childhood, the violence and the abuse- It did not matter.

    I remembered the Stolen Gen.- It did not matter.

    I remembered the years in Prison- It did not matter.

    I thought of my marriage, to the most beautiful soul in creation- My spirit soared.

    I thought of my sons and my grandsons- Tears rolled down my face and I gave thanks for their being.

    I thought of my brothers and sisters, those still here and those who have gone to the ancestors- I gave thanks that I had been able to walk a little of their journey with them and maybe lend a hand to make their burden a little lighter.

    I thought of my friends on the Forum, from Home and from across the Great Waters- I gave thanks, for I knew I was wealthy beyond the knowing of it.

    A counting of my blessings, a spiritual cleansing and a renewal.

    I needed this, I needed to reconnect to my country and my dreaming.

    After the sun had rose, when the orb had cleared the horizon, it was finished and I sat in the early morning and enjoyed the warmth and light, took a coffee and thought about the year just gone

    The thing I thought about most was the forum. The understanding, the inclusion, the reguard, the compassion and the genuine brotherhood.

    I thought of the way you treated me and mine and I cried, this is a luxury I thought I would never experience.

    This is something I can never thank you enough for.

    This is what Barney did on his birthday

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    A wonderful narrative Barney, thank you! Keep well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Blue View Post
    Isla is a genius, I suspect. I love how optimistic he is. There is great beauty there. But don't tell him.

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    Default Re: Thank you.


    I wish for peace. It never happens, but I always do. People think I mean world peace, or peace on earth.

    I wish for peace, eh.

    I am so happy for you, fellow traveler. One day Ill be There, and maybe we can see each other. Id like that.

    All my love, Brother. You inspire.
    And, Happy Birthday.


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    Well done Barney.

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    thank you Barney, what you felt and wrote is beautiful.

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    Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck Barney. Thank you.

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    Thank you Barney
    my daughter took me to get firewood this morning
    She has crazy energy and strength so I get to drive and she used the chainsaw
    The sun is going low now
    thx again.

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    Thank you, Barney.

    May you walk in beauty through your dreaming.

    Hope the voyage is a long one.
    May there be many a summer morning when,
    with what pleasure, what joy,
    you come into harbors seen for the first time...

    Ithaka, by Cavafy
    (Keeley - Sherrard translation)

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    Onya Barney, you're a good man.
    '' You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know. ''
    Grateful Dead

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    I always enjoy your posts Barney. You have quite a story.

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    We're merely mammals. Let's misbehave! Cole Porter

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    That's beautiful Barney. The best birthday a man could hope for. Your culture has so much to offer us.

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    Love right back at you.

    You have my best wishes, always.
    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Trump is doing beautifully.

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    Incredible! What a day! You have connected to your earth, your people, your children, grandchildren, your planet and cosmos, found forgiveness, understanding and peace in all things.

    I usually just go and get pissed.

    I wish I was you mate. That's real.

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    Thanks for that is good to be at peace.
    I once thought I was wrong, but I was wrong, I wasn't wrong.

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