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One reason I always built more or less traditional boats was that the fitting out was so much cheaper. I made my own blocks, built spars from wood, mostly used gaff rig and they were lately oar & sail boats. We also sail a modern catamaran with full battened main designed by Richard Woods, so I read whatever he wrote about boatbuilding. His ideas to keep amateur boat building affordable is slightly different: in short , build the hull yourself and find an old donor boat. These boats may go on but often the type is no longer good for racing and you can pick them up cheaply. My wife had enrolled in a Laser sailing course with the local sail club and I joined her, however I found I am not fond of them.
Mr. Woods who usually designs multis for amateur construction does the occasional dinghy. He had this interesting hard chine dinghy and built her in a weekend at a boat show, and sailed her there as wel. There was no time for painting but her glued aluminium foil on the hull and then put a purple stripe on it. My wife fancied the boat immediately so much that we ordered the plans, found an old 420 for the rig and fittings, and right now I am cutting out her plywood parts. Now the xmas tree is out of the room so I soon hope to assemble her in a Dynamite Payson Instant style. The idea is to cut out parts outside or in the garage, do epoxy work in the living, take her outside for sanding and paint her in spring in the garage with 2 part poly-urethane. I am looking forward with a little trepidation to sail her.