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Thread: Working to document the provenance of one of Fred Goeller’s Quincy Adams “Seventeens”

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    Default Working to document the provenance of one of Fred Goeller’s Quincy Adams “Seventeens”

    I am in the possession of one of the Quincy Adams “Seventeens” - QA17’s - that Fred W. Goeller, Jr. designed, his drawings dated October, 1945. I am working to document the entire ownership history for this particular boat as well as discover a source for a full set of original drawings prior to developing a restoration plan.

    Everything I write here about the design I have developed from online sources and have not spoken personally with anyone who is an authority on the subject of Mr. Goeller’s work or of this design in particular. I have not seen any original source materials for the design. I have in hand a copy of the sail plan and the lines drawing sheets for this boat thanks to other members here (these are the same sheets mentioned in other threads regarding the QA17’s and the only drawings available to IYRS when they restored hull #5, Plum).

    It is notable that this design was selected by the Fisher’s Island Yacht Club for their first post war one design and delivered in 1947, of which a fleet of 15 was built and an additional 15 the following year in 1948.

    The boat that I am researching was last owned by Sterling Klinck and he sailed it in Upstate, New York on Canandaigua Lake up until 2013 at which time his declining health left it on a Triad trailer in his shed. Mr. Klinck was the founder of the East Hill Boat Shop in Middlesex, NY and was known as a builder of Joel White’s Catspaws as well as a restorer of lakes boats as well as a life long Snipe sailor.

    Sterling acquired the boat through the broker David Jones of Maine, and from a certain George Rodgers in 1999. I have spoken with Mr. Rodgers and he shared that he had the boat in a shed in Belfast, Maine from 1984 to mid 90’s and had it professionally restored as time and money allowed. He sailed it for 5 summers before passing it on to Mr. Klinck.

    Mr. Rogers had acquired the boat from The Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, which according to their website, “is a private maritime educational facility for training members of the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, as well as all maritime and related industry professionals.” He sailed the boat as a student there and decided some years after graduating that it needed to come along with him to Maine and be restored.

    When Mr. Rodgers acquired the boat he was given a copy of a hand written letter that the former owner used as the basis to transfer ownership to the school.

    And a copy of that hand written letter is the only document that I have which describes it’s earlier history and which I am trying to further document.

    The letter was written by a man who donated it to the school and had owned the boat from 1973 up until the time he donated it (the letter donating it was not dated with the year). It was written by a “Rick Swanx” and he listed his forwarding address at the time as Waianae, Hawaii. He also seems to be writing from a boat, the “S.S. Matsonia” (which he was busy trying to pay off). He states that the QA17 helped keep him sane during his earlier time at the the submarine school in Groton, Connecticut and that he sailed it down the coast to Calhoon when he became a student there.

    Mr. Swanx states in his letter that he purchased the boat in Noank, CT, from, and i quote, " a fellow named Heyniger - last I heard he was competing in SORC in a S&S ’43 called ‘Althea’….” whom Mr. Swanx states purchased the boat The Mystic Seaport Museum, the boat having been donated in 1968.

    Additionally he states that this particular boat was built for “the Dupont Family of Fisher’s Island, N.Y.”

    At this point, I have attempted to find Mr. Swanx and Mr. Heyniger via online sources and have not succeeded.

    I have written Rockport Marine’s brokerage arm which has acquired David Jones’ brokerage and have yet to here anything more: David was sailing hull #16 as “Emeritus” at the time Mr. Klinck acquired the boat from Mr. Rogers and whom I hoped might be more knowledgable about the design and it's history.

    I have also written to ask Mystic Seaport if they have records for donations made and sold as far back as 1968 and am waiting to hear back.

    Lastly, I have emailed the Fisher’s Island Yacht club to ask if they have records for the ownership of the original fleet delivered in 1947 and have yet to hear back. I have yet to see a list of hull numbers and owners for that first year.

    If anyone here can aid in helping me establish contact with Mr. Swanx, Mr. Heyniger or anyone at Fisher’s Island or at the Seaport it would be greatly appreciated.

    I am generally interested in the design, it’s history and will start another thread because it strikes me that there is no single source with describes Mr. Goeller’s broad range of work, his designs and his career over the long haul. Many sources note his contributions to designs in Rudder and his work with the Herreshoff Company as a draftsman but I have yet to hear about a collection of Goeller’s original drawings and materials.

    Ownership As Known

    Sterling Klinck 1999 - 2017
    George Rogers 1984 -1999
    Calhoon MEBA Engineering School ? - 1984
    Rick Swanx 1973 - ?
    Mr. Heyniger approx. 1968 to 1973
    Mystic Seaport Museum ? -1968
    Other owners?
    Dupont's of Fisher's Island 1947 - ?
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