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Thread: Making your own inshore charts...

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    Default Making your own inshore charts...

    Its news to me...

    These new small boat fishfinders (I prefer them to depth sounders) besides now providing very clear bottom imaging, can now make and store a very detailed contour map as you pass over your area (1 ft contours).

    The Garmin Striker 4cv does this (called Quickdraw) with a very good clear fancy sounding imaging too for about 200. The kayak fishing industry is supplying push in batteries, quick release mounts and suction/ magnetic transducer mounts too, which should make installs easily removed.

    Just letting people know...this self contour map making is a new addition: having a personal super detailed local map of your sea bed that's completely accurate. If the tide heigt is different next time out you can offset the difference so it adds new info seemlessly.

    This chap shows it...
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