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Thread: Do you know anything about this old boat model?

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    Default Do you know anything about this old boat model?

    My great great grandfather Lars Lund from Jakobstad was a sailor on the deep seas back in his youth. Amongst other jobs on ships from various countries he worked for some predecessor of the US Coast Guard. We have a photo of him holding the American flag from that time.
    Family tradition has it that his carreer as a sailor ended when he got a prison sentence for some crime he had done when he had ended up drinking too much in bad company. There are specualations about mutiny. Likely he served his time somewhere in Britain though some say there was something going on in Constantinople...... but I doubt he would have survived a prison sentence in the Ottoman Empire so Britain is most likely.
    Anyway he was converted in prison and became a fanatical methodist. Once released he returned home to Österbotten and married a girl from just outside his home town and settled in Vasa. I suppose that was in the 1870-ies or early 80-ies.

    In his older days he made this boat model. It is said to depict a ship's boat in one of the ships he had sailed in. The tiller and the aftermost rowing thwart are replacements from the 1980-ies. Two original oars survive but one is broken. The stand is said to be original.

    Can you tell me anything about the boat?
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    Default Re: Do you know anything about this old boat model?

    Well, Methodism is strong in Britain, especially amongs the fishing communities around the coast, so he may well have seen the light in the UK.

    The boat looks like what became a Class C ships life boat.

    Other Ships Regulations
    regs 10, 17, 20 and 21
    1.1 Every Class C boat shall be an open boat constructed with rigid sides.
    1.2 The boat shall be of such form and proportion that it will have ample stability in a sea-way and sufficient freeboard when loaded with its equipment and the number of persons specified in column (2) of paragraph 1.3.
    1.3 The length of the boat and the number of persons for whom seating is provided in the boat shall be determined in accordance with the following table –
    (1) (2)
    Length of boat in metres Minimum Seating Capacity of boat
    4.8 9
    4.5 8
    4.2 7
    3.9 5
    3.6 4
    1.4 All thwart and side seats in the boat shall be fitted as low as is practicable and bottom boards shall be fitted.
    1.5 The boat shall be square-sterned and shall have a mean sheer at least equal to five per cent of its length.
    1.6 The boat shall be fitted with internal buoyancy appliances which shall be so placed as to ensure stability when the boat is fully laden under adverse weather conditions.
    1.7 The boat shall be fitted with internal buoyancy appliances consisting of either air cases or buoyant material not adversely affected by oil or oil products, neither of which shall adversely affect the boat.
    1.8 The total volume of the internal buoyancy appliances shall be such that it will be at least equal to the sum of –
    1.8.1 that volume required to float the boat and its full equipment when the boat is flooded and open to the sea so that the top of the gunwale amidships is not submerged;
    1.8.2 7.5 per cent of the cubic capacity of the boat.
    2. The dimensions of a Class C boat and the number of persons which it is permitted to accommodate shall be clearly marked on it in permanent characters. The name and port of registry of the ship to which the boat belongs shall be painted on each side of the bow.
    3. Every Class C Boat shall be provided with equipment and rations in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 12
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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