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Thread: Herreshoff dinghy

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    Default Herreshoff dinghy

    I was wondering has any one out there build the Herreshoff dinghy via the booklet ? Iíve built a clinker dinghy before however after reading the book there are a few un knowns about the meathod they used. Iím not sure if any thing is to be gained in steaming the ribs over the molds in the first place.

    I tried contacting the mystic museum with no luck so Iíd be interested to hear others view point if they have built this boat.

    many thanks Michael

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    Default Re: Herreshoff dinghy

    They did it that way, because they built many of them. I'd be tempted to build it in a more normal way, but then it wouldn't be quite so proper to the museum crowd.

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    Default Re: Herreshoff dinghy

    Why not check with the Herreshoff Museum?

    Also make sure you stick your head in across the street in the wood shops.
    Ric in Richmond

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