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Thread: It's new Year.

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    Default It's new Year.

    O.K. they tell me it's a tradition to broadcast your intentions or promises for the coming year.

    well.... i would like to state mine.

    I would like to travel to South Australia to visit Jeff and Phil.....Plus any other member who resides in that state.

    To travel to Northern NSW to visit Peter, Duncan and Gary and swing bye and see RNFK in Port Stephens.

    And if the gods are good to me, travel to the land of Silk Stockings and Tin Cans to see my mates who have been so very generous to me and mine.

    To me, That would be heaven ona stick......Please make it happen.

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    Default Re: It's new Year.

    Keep breathing, keep upright. There have been times of late when that was a task, I'm hoping that those things will continue to get easier.

    More seriously, more sailing. More time at the drawing board and in the shed with tools. Most importantly More time with family and friends.

    Its only 1 1/2 hours to when the calendar will tick over, here anyway, so I'll take this opportunity to wish all a very happy new year, and a prosperous 2018.

    John Welsford
    An expert is but a beginner with experience.

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    Default Re: It's new Year.

    Welcome any time Barney, there's a bed awaiting. I'll take you sailing in unstable 12 foot dinghies in difficult water too, and put you on my Sailfish to sort it out for yourself.

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    Default Re: It's new Year.

    Anything I can do, just ask.


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