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    Ian Farrier, the man behind the Farrier and early Corsair trimarans, has crossed the bar. Story here:

    Just earlier this year I sold my F-27, one of the most remarkable production boats made. Solid as a rock, fast, comfortable and highly transportable by trailer. I had mine all up and down the US East Coast.

    Farrier's earliest designs were for plywood home construction, the Trailertris being the best known. The later composite production boats were developments of the principles Farrier fine tuned in his early wooden boat years. Farrier was the consummate engineer -- famously particular about every detail in the design and construction of his boats. The F series boats produced by Corsair weren't cheap, but they are tough as nails and hold their value. (I sailed mine for 6 years and sold it for $5,000 more than I paid.)

    His high standards may have made him difficult for some to work with, but as an owner I couldn't praise him too much. My boat was built in 1987, and yet he would personally answer detailed questions about the boat in a day or two. He parted with Corsair some years back, and has been producing the F-22 in his own operation, which has a 3-year backlog of orders.
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    Sad to hear. We certainly enjoyed our little 20' Eagle when we owned it, and always found Ian great to deal with. He always seemed to be the living definition of "attention to detail". I had a set of F-25 plans for a while and they were incredible. Moved on to other things and never built it, but I think it would have been quite a boat.

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    I was lucky enough to have been hired to build the main hull and assemble first F-22 to actually hit the water and sail successfully back in 2008. An F-22 in Germany hit the water first, a month earlier, but the owner cut some corners on the mast/rigging, and he had to have a new mast made. In the meantime, the guy I built for on Chebeague Island, Maine, got his boat operational. Ian came up after the Annapolis Boat Show to go for a sail on the boat.
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    Nice guy. Ian came to visit me in Australia decades ago when I was building one of his boats. He hung out for a couple of hours, answered all my weird and wonderful questions easily and happily, and parted with a big smile.
    Before I got interested in wooden boats I covered a few miles and crossed lots of start lines in his tris. Great boats!


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    People like Farrier helped me get it regarding multi's, especially tris. A loss.

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    First fell in love with his all-wood TrailerTri 680 way back in the 70’s and then met Ian a few years later when he brought his first F27 to the US East Coast. Still remember, while chatting with him in the cabin, his young son (about 12 I’m guessing) was showing visitors how easy it was to operate his brilliantly engineered folding system, that brought him well deserved fame. Whether one agrees with all his design choices or not, his drawings and engineering were impeccable and all his boats are typically as solid and safe as any remotely comparable boat on the water. There must be some 2000+ of them now in use, still giving much pleasure to their owners while the total numbers will continue to grow as the F22 finally swings into full production down in NZ, with GM Rob Densem carrying on the work Ian started and planned in such detail.

    A legacy to be justifiably proud of. The world of multihulls has lost someone who set the highest structural standards, making him a tough act to follow. He was also a very honorable fellow even if he may not always have agreed with you. We mourn his loss and pray the family find strength from the high respect we all share for him.

    Mike Waters of

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