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Thread: Refurb Electronics question

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    After much analysis and worry, I went ahead and bought a plb from a marine store. It's the ResQLink+. It arrived today and it looks like a refurb.

    The box seal was cut, the seal on the back was broken, and one of the screw holes had a smear of purple ink in the screw well.

    I will try to work it out with the seller. My question for you guys was about the ink stain on the screw well. Does that signify anything? It looks like a tamper signal. Thanks Tom

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    Default Re: Refurb Electronics question

    Don't know. I'd call the maker and ask--then go back to the marine store.

    There are two kinds of boaters: those who have run aground, and those who lie about it.

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    Hi I bought a factory rebuild AIS Standard Horizon .2 year warranty It failed in less than the 2 years , Company says send it to our authorized repair service in Australia I do from Fiji Pretty pricey DHL They say failed part ,,Factory has none.
    Company in US says send it to us we might have the part. I say "No thanks" cost of transport approaching the price of a new one. 2 year warranty and factory has no parts , The entire marine electronics is becoming an obvious fraud..Buy any of it at your own risk...Don't be surprised by anything...........

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