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Thread: Year of construction Jolly-boat Pirate 9'

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    Default Year of construction dinghy Pirate 9'

    I like to know the year of construction of our dinghy.
    Enclosed a picture of the type plate of the boat an of the wooden jolly-boat itself .

    If you have some more information about this boat, it would be more than welcome.
    dinghy is used on a classic yacht built in 1946, (see picture)

    People have a lot of questions about this yacht and it would be nice if we can inform them of the specifics of the

    Thanks in advance and awaiting your reaction,


    foto0001200 (15).jpgfoto0001200 (17).jpgfoto0001200 (1).jpg
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    Default Re: Year of construction Jolly-boat Pirate 9'

    That's a tough one! We'd call that a tender or dinghy, not a jolly boat since it is only 9 feet long. It doesn't look like a commercial builder's plate -- perhaps built by a school or boat-building class?
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