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Thread: ezpoxy "performance enhancer"?

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    Default ezpoxy "performance enhancer"?

    Has anyone used this stuff?

    Is it remotely similar to the 2 part paints?
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    Default Re: ezpoxy "performance enhancer"?

    The MSDS says it contains some isocyanate compounds, as do the LPU paints, so i'd guess that it has the same safety issues.

    The ad copy makes it sound like some other products sold to older gents, with words like "enhanced performance" "harder" , "longer lasting".

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    Default Re: ezpoxy "performance enhancer"?

    If it lasts more than 15 years, call your doctor!

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    Default Re: ezpoxy "performance enhancer"?

    Hi Thad,

    We used this with ezpoxy to topcoat our hull this past summer. It's an isocyanate, so I wouldn't spray it. I can't say if the paint is harder or not, as we really just have one test point. We used it to try to speed up dry times before "dew o'clock" (working outside). We were amazed at how well the ezpoxy went on, covered and flowed out even with a very thin coat.

    I don't think you find it will perform as good as a real two part polyurethane, but it probably brushes/rolls on better , if that's how you are applying it. Paint is the complete system, from base material,prep,primer,application - so many variables that need to be considered to judge performance.


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