It's not a very quick process, but I hope you keep us up to date when you start building!

The shipping from Noah was about 140$ if I remember correctly. Came in a ridiculous 50 ft. truck that was just my stuff. Langevin is worth a visit in person just to browse their wood, and if you talk to someone there, they'll be able to order what you need. I think the big advantage with Langevin is that you can pick it up like you said just a few sheets at a time and not have to spend everything upfront.

I thought about buying a ~20-25 ft. boat and restoring it, but they're a bit too big for my liking and they link you to a marina unless you have time to leave for a few days at a time. A small trailer boat you can take to so many lakes in Quebec and Ontario, not to mention Maine as well. It's more versatile I think.