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Thread: The Wakulla County Model Bow Skiff, by Robb White

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    Default The Wakulla County Model Bow Skiff, by Robb White

    The Wakulla County Model Bow Skiff,by Robb White (ARTICLE LINK)

    Image: This is Tim Weaver's drawing of a photo that appeared with this story on the TSCA website.

    You know, it is pitiful how much lore is lost without a second thought. One of the most lost of all lore is the history and design of the little skiffs of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Howard I. Chappelle of the Smithsonian named and published the lines of a boat for every inlet from Greenland to the Chesapeake but he sort of ran out of steam from there on down and around. I am just as bad. I think I am personally responsible for the loss of the lore of the Wakulla County model-bow skiff.

    Almost everybody had a model bow skiff down around Wakulla County in the Florida Big Bend back in the first half of the twentieth century and no telling how long before that. It was kind of like how everybody had an axe. I could never find out who built the first one or when but they were just about the standard skiff for commercial fishermen for a mighty long time. Wakulla County has, I believe, the most convoluted and hard to navigate shoreline in the United States. You don't have to take my word for it, just get on the internet and fetch up with and call up an aerial photograph and see for yourself (A good name to enter is "St Marks, FL"). There might be some places down along the Everglades almost as bad, but you can spend a whole day messing around down around Panacea or St. Marks and not cover half a mile as the crow flies. Though the water is mostly very shallow and the bottom rocky and covered with oyster bars, there are deep holes sort of like limesinks all over the place and plenty of fish, crabs and oysters and it is still possible for a hard working person to make a scratch-by living with nothing but a little skiff.
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    Hope the voyage is a long one.
    May there be many a summer morning when,
    with what pleasure, what joy,
    you come into harbors seen for the first time...

    Ithaka, by Cavafy
    (Keeley - Sherrard translation)

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    Default Re: The Wakulla County Model Bow Skiff, by Robb White

    thanks and thanks Tim for the drawing. He does like work skiffs.

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