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In small boats kept on a trailer, I've developed a preference for unstayed rigs, which go together much quicker than stayed rigs. The problem with the Bermudian rig in that case is, if you don't have a jib, the mast gets tall pretty quickly as the rig grows. With my bad back, even stepping a 20' stayed aluminum mast is a challenge, never mind hooking up everything and still having time to sail. So, I'm wondering, if I build a small boat with a sprit rig, would I have anything like comparable performance to a Bermudian sloop with no spinnaker? If the efficiency loss is 3%, maybe the tradeoff is worth while. If it's 10%, maybe not.
What you might want to look at is the freestanding rig developed for the new UFO foiler. No shrouds, no jib, a fat "sprit or gaff" headed sail. Or using expensive carbon tubes to create high aspect ratio lugs like Nigel Irens did with his cruising designs which I copied with even a higher aspect ratio for RANTAN. There I have the convenience and reefability of the lug with a main that approaches the efficiency of a 10sq m sailing canoe.