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Thread: G-Flex smell and precautions?

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    Default G-Flex smell and precautions?

    This has probably been covered elsewhere, if so, please point me. If not,... I have run through about 10 gallons of other West products, but am using G-Flex for the first time and wonder if the group advises additional precautions with this product. It smells a whole lot more than other West products, and the surface is much more greasy the day after. I thought I heard that the amine blush / recoat issues were better with G-Flex, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

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    Default Re: G-Flex smell and precautions?

    I've used G-Flex and never noticed greasiness. It does smell differently though.

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    Kind of like a bag of dirty dirty sox!
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    I did a forum search using

    site: "G-Flex"

    -- got a lot of threads; found this in one of them.

    G-Flex and White Oak (LINK)

    I used G-flex and FG cloth to repair a tear in an aluminum jon boat a few years back and it seems to have worked well.

    The G-flex was miserable to work with, though, due to its very high viscosity. It was like trying to brush on, and wet out fiberglass cloth with cold asphalt or refrigerated honey.

    It also has a wicked amine blush, so if you plan to add subsequent layers of epoxy, be advised...
    Gougeon Brothers, Inc. also has a collection of free West System manuals and guides HERE (LINK).

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    Default Re: G-Flex smell and precautions?

    I’d imagine WEST would put out a MSDS for it.

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    Default Re: G-Flex smell and precautions?

    I doubt there is any substantial danger in the fumes. It has a similar weird smell and consistency to the flexible epoxy resins which have been used for repairing plastic canoes and ski bottoms for 30 years or more - often with heated cures in hot-boxes. Precautions for epoxy tend to remain oriented mostly toward preventing skin contact, as developing allergic sensitivity to the product remains an avoidable danger. Compared to the styrene fumes and potential fire/explosion hazards from the old polyester resin days, epoxy is fairly mild.

    These thick resins really aren't designed for laminating, so they will always be rather difficult to use with fiberglass cloth, and considering how drastically different the modulus of elasticity between flexible epoxy resin and fiberglass fibers tends to be, mixing them doesn't really make much sense.

    As usual, if the resin blushes....wash it off. Why on earth is this even important enough to be worried about?

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